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About Us
Franceschini's Espresso Cart is a fully mobile espresso operation capable of catering to any event. Featuring state of the art coffee equipment, a removable canopy with string lights, and a barista serving up delicious lattes, cappuccinos, and much more - it's a whole lot of fun on four wheels!
We offer full customization options
to appeal to events of all kinds.
You can learn all about our awesome handmade cart below!
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The Cart

It's a full café!
Our standard menu includes
lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos,
flat whites, cortado, cafecito,
cold brew, hot chocolate, and more!
All drinks can be made iced or hot
and with multiple different milk
and flavor options.
Make our cart your cart 
You can use custom cups, hang your own logo or sign, create your own menu, add lights or decor, even have the canopy removed for a standard bar look - we are all ears when it comes to your event and outfitting the cart to your brand and story.

Events are hectic - let us take

the stress away from you!

Our cart fits through a standard width doorway and is powered by a single

standard wall outlet. We carry our own water, ice, and everything else we need to serve you and your guests.

Simply the best coffee
Through an exclusive partnership with
Per'La Specialty Roasters, Miami's premier specialty coffee roaster, we're able to provide the highest quality and most consistent coffee drinks to our customers. Per'La's coffee beans can be found in a number of Miami's highest-end hotels and businesses - not to mention Franceschini's Espresso Cart!  


FEC F.png
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